vol. 24 New Year 2021! New interior space related services by Daizu Inc.

Happy New Year 2021

The New Year’s holiday has come and gone, and in the blink of an eye we are halfway through the month. We sincerely hope that you all had a wonderful New Year.

The year 2020 was a year in which Covid-19 quickly overturned how we live and work, and even what we believed as “Normal” wasn’t it? As a company that supports workplaces from every angle, we at Daizu Inc. have thoroughly researched the future of work styles and working environments.

Before doing so, we would like to briefly introduce Daizu Inc. to you once again. 

Daizu Inc. began with the establishment of its predecessor, Key International Inc. in New York in 1991, and we’ve been serving in California since 1997. Then in November 2019, we spun off from Key International New York, and became Daizu Inc.  The name “Daizu” is derived from the word “Soybean” (English for “soybean”) by the president, Mr. Soi (pronounced Soy)

Daizu Inc. is an authorized dealer of Haworth, one of the three largest contract furniture manufacturers in the United States.  Contract furniture is a type of furniture that can only be purchased through authorized dealers and is made to order for high quality commercial use.

As Haworth is mainly known for commercial use, many of you may not be familiar with the brand. However if you hear the names such as Cassina, Capellini, or Poltrona Frau, these names may ring your bell. These are well-established Italian luxury furniture brands, and they are now sold under the Haworth brand.

We offer the aforementioned high-quality office furniture from Haworth, as well as furniture in all prices to suit our clients’ needs. We also offer space planning by interior designers to maximize the use of space thus to create Organic Workspace. *Organic Workspaces is defined by Haworth as aligning people and space for optimal performance.

Being specialized in designing workplaces, we are constantly researching evolving work styles and office environments to provide the best possible services to our clients. The following are some of the services we have offered in recent years. We have blogged about some of the topics, so please read the details in our past blog linked to each topic. 


Haworth Collection Cassina

1. Installation of acrylic panels to prevent virus droplets   (Case Study)

According to the CDC guidance, desk shields are effective in preventing virus spreads and droplets.  In addition, a droplet simulation using Japan’s supercomputer, Tomitake, showed that desk shields that cover the head are effective in preventing droplets.  Pls check the link in title for more details and our installation examples.


2. Change the Office Layout to incorporate Social Distance

A six-foot social distance is also specified by CDC guidance as an infection prevention measure in office environments. It is the company’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment for employees by changing the layout of the office to allow for social distance using existing furniture.  Our designers can propose the new layout in social distancing in mind with the existing furniture.


3. Relocation of existing furniture, purchase of new furniture, and office design proposals

We work with our clients’ needs and budgets in mind, and our top priority is to carry out the project as smooth as possible for our clients.  Our designers strive to create an office space that best suits the client’s needs, and to promote the productivity and motivation of its employees. 


4. Relocation Services 

With remote work is the new norm, more companies are reviewing their office space. Especially in California, office rent is one of the largest monthly fixed costs. Need downsizing the office space?  We can prepare the new layout that will improve the space efficiency and work productivity at the same time!


5. Home office Furniture and convenient Online Shopping

The biggest problem with a home office is the inability to create an environment where worker can concentrate on their work. Research has shown that employees who work at makeshift desks and chairs for long periods of time suffer from stiff shoulders and back pain, which in turn adversely affect their productivity. Here are some sites where you can purchase ergonomic chairs and desks at dealer discounts. Increasing number of businesses are considering remote work stipends towards ergonomic task chairs or desks. Please contact us for corporate volume discounts.


6. Offer Financing Program for new furniture purchases

We offer a convenient financing program for small and medium-sized businesses to purchase office furniture at 0% APR for up to 24 months (other terms may apply). This is a great opportunity for those businesses to replace dated task chairs and more!  


7. Residential Design and Renovation

Starting 2020, many of us have been spending much of our times at home. Isn’t it natural to desire for more comfortable home space then? Our interior designers can help you create your ideal home, by choosing furniture for your room or remodeling your house.  


We have mentioned the above services in our past blogs, so please click on the links for more information. In 2021, we will continue working hard to meet all your space needs, from commercial to residential! 

For additional information, please contact us at any time.

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