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Giving Form to Design! From Homes to Business Spaces, We’ll Meet All of Your Needs With Superb Quality

Construction service by Daizu Inc.

In November of 2020, Pinecones International, LLC., design construction specialists, became a subsidiary to Daizu as our construction division, allowing us to offer a wider variety of construction services to individuals and companies.

Principal of Pinecones International, LLC., Tetsuya Matsumoto has over 40 years’ experience in design construction and consulting, giving form to a variety of client needs through the construction of houses, commercial buildings and even factories.

This has allowed us to streamline the process and give shape to our designs at an even higher level.

From remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, to even production factories that require special equipment. We’re able to meet all construction needs.

From Daizu’s Principal

Tetsuya Matsumoto

I’ve worked as the representative for Pinecones International, LLC. since 2003, with over 40 years of experience in engineering, commercial, industrial and home construction, TI construction and renovations.

Since we tied up business with Daizu Inc. in November of 2020, I’ve served as the principal of the company and director of its construction division to supervise the construction projects undertaken by the Daizu Design Division and to help foster the next generation of engineers.

I hope to offer the best solutions that I can as a pro, while always retaining a deep understanding of the client’s needs. I pledge to bring a high quality in construction and detailed total project management.