vol. 11 What does it take to relocate the office?

Majority of us are still working from home these days, however it is the time to reconsider how the future office should look like when we return back to office.

Although remote working will continue to be more prevalent in the future, we all know that the carefully planned office is still a great place to work. There are many people who find it easy to work in an office because of the environment in which you can work.  After all, office is a “place to work”, so there are comforts and conveniences that you can’t find in a home office. 

And one of the greatest strengths of working in the office is the ability to being more creative in small talk with colleagues or to dynamically move the projects forward in a team setting.  Therefore, in recent trend is to promote informal communication within the company by implementing Social spaces. 

And now with this pandemic, the office has been transforming.  In some cases, we have been asked to change the layout of the offices to reflect COVID-19 measures, and others have taken the opportunity to relocate the office to meet the demand of ever changing working style.   As office design professionals, our designers are taking the initial interviewing process with our clients so seriously.  This is where we gather all the information on how our client wants to use their office, or how their work flow would be.  Based on the information we collect, we always look for ways to maximize the usability of the office space.  

By the way, many of our clients overwhelmed to know how many vendors they will have to deal with when it comes to office relocation.  Here’s a list of vendors company will work with when it’s time to relocate:

  • Furniture dealers (Dismantling & Installation, Relocation, Purchase, Layout, etc.)
  • Movers
  • Electrician
  • IT/Cable vendors
  • Building Leasing Office
  • Construction Contractor (*if work is required)
  • Architect (*Needed depending on the case)

These are a set of vendors we normally work with when we manage office relocation project. Selecting, contacting, and scheduling all of these vendors alone requires a significant amount of work.  So hiring professional office design company will not only save your time and work, and also to execute the project smoothly.  

Furthermore, consulting with a design professional in the property search phase will provide the following advantages:

  1. A free furniture fit test plan to make sure your furniture will fit before you move in.
  2. By deciding on the layout before signing the lease agreement, we can prepare a plan for the required electrical work, etc.  This makes it easier to negotiate the cost of tenant improvement work with the owner.
  3. Confirming that the size of the property is appropriate for your company’s needs =Save unnecessary property expenses.
  4. We use an extended network to design, purchase furniture (if necessary), build, and install the furniture.  We are a one-stop shop for all of our customers. This eliminates the hassle of having to deal with many vendors.
  5. Assigned project manager for each project will explain the flow of the project in advance . This prevents interruptions to project due to missed arrangements or other problems along the way.
  6. If purchasing new or additional furniture are in scope, we will provide you with a 3D layout plan. Therefore, you can check the image of the final product in advance.
  7. When some construction is in the scope, we always make sure to comply various local building codes. This way, there won’t be any revisions required by the inspection after all. 

Regardless of the size of the project, consulting with a professional can help you save costs in unexpected ways. Choosing the right partner is very important as it is a major factor to a successful project. 

We strive to give the best advice from our client’s point of view no matter the size of the project.  In the end, happy customer makes us happy!

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