vol. 13 Here is How Installing Screen Shields in Your Office will Look Like!


Time flies and we are already in August 2020.
It’s getting to be a hotter time of year for everyone to go out with a mask on.

We featured as following before,

“vol.6 – Desk shields as added protection for employees!”

In this article, we would like to introduce some of our customers who are already installed screen shields in their working spaces.

【Project #1】

This is a style of office where each person has their own office space, but they need to have a barrier when you meet with clients.

36″ high x 50″ wide, free standing shields with legs 


 【Project #2】

Here is a reception desk.
Because of the narrow and high work surface, there is a risk of falling down if we installed a free standing style one.
It is fixed with a clamp type bracket and cut out at the bottom to facilitate the delivery of documents.

30″ high x 40″ wide, clamping type


【Project #3】

This office uses a panel system desk which is very common in many offices.
Each employee is facing each other and apparently they are not able to work without protections to prevent splashes in this time period.

30″ high x 36″ wide, plugs into the panel


We can calculate the optimum width of the acrylic panels and introduce them flexibly like this.


What did you think?
We hope this has given you an idea of the office we have introduced.

Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of companies that are considering moving their employees back to their offices in September.
We will continue to provide screen shields and additional furniture for the office relocation.
Please feel free to contact us for a quote and consultation!

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