Daizu Inc

Daizu Inc. works as the distributor to Haworth, the third largest contract furniture maker in the US, to craft more comfortable and functional offices. We also design and remodel stores and homes, plan and provide furniture for hotels and more, both in Japan and in the US.
As interior design and furniture specialists, we offer a service that’s both inclusive and comprehensive, and that has a strong basis in years of experience and results.
Looking to keep up with the sense of speed that society has had of late, we changed our company name to Daizu Inc., and we’re working to develop an interior business that is more organic and modern.

Company Policy: Maximize Interior Potential

Daizu strives to create interior spaces that bring a sense of happiness to those who occupy them. At Daizu, we pledge to create ideal interior spaces, regardless of budget or other conditions.

Corporate Philosophy:

We pursue both spiritual and physical fulfillment for employees and make contributions to society through the creation of interior spaces.
Nobu Soi, Daizu Inc. CEO


Nobuaki Soi

We put our customers first. – Our mission at Daizu is to offer interior spaces designed from the customer’s perspective.

We believe that the ultimate goal of any business is to provide its employees with a sense of spiritual and physical fulfillment. What drives a company forward is its employees, as they devote the greatest amount of time and energy in terms of thoughts and sentiments. It is essential for Daizu to have the support of our customers to achieve the fulfillment of those employees.

Our goal is to provide employees with a sense of fulfillment that they have yet to experience. We will accomplish this through satisfying our customers and working beyond what is expected of us.

Our hope is that this sense of spiritual and physical fulfillment will have a positive effect on our customers, business partners, stockholders, and even society. As a result, we hope to bring smiles to faces of all of the stakeholders that support Daizu.

[Daizu Inc.’s (Formerly Key International West) History]

1991 Key International Inc. established in New York, NY
1997 Los Angeles Branch (Key International West) established as West Coast base
2003 Key International Shanghai Opening
2007 KEY-KILT LLC established in Tokyo
2008 Key International Japan Branch Opening
2012 Key International San Jose Branch Opening (incorporated into Daizu Inc.)
2017 Key International Honolulu Branch Opening (incorporated into Daizu Inc.)
2018 Key International Dallas Branch Opening
November 2019 Daizu Inc. DBA Key International Inc. established (spun off from Key International Inc.)
July 2020 Name changed to Daizu Inc.