vol. 7 Desk shields as added protection for employees!

Desk Shields as added protection

In the midst of the COVID-19, when more and more people are slowly returning to the office, we have flux of inquiries to one of the most sought after item, Desk shields (panel extenders).

In recent years, with the popularity of the open office, the workstation panels have became lower, making the office brighter and easier place to communicate. However currently with COVID-19 concern, more corporations are adding Acrylic or Glass shields to extend the panel height, aiming to prevent the virus from spreading in the workplace. 

So today’s blog is to introduce the types of desk shields and installation ideas. First of all, we found this article in Japan and would like to share it with you.

“RIKEN in Kobe, Japan, utilized the supercomputer Fugaku to simulate how the micro droplets from coughing indoors are dispersed. 
The simulation shows someone without face mask strongly coughs twice in confined spaces such as offices and restaurants, the micro droplets will immediately hit the face of the person sitting across and will be diffused into the room.  Moreover, even if the desk shield is set up in between, if it only covers up to the mouth level, the splashes will be dispersed to the face of the person sitting across.  As long as the desk shield is at or above head level, the micro droplets hardly splashed on the person in front.”  Courtesy of MBS News & Yahoo News.

How the droplets from coughing will spread to the face sitting across


As you can see from this study, the first thing to do is to find out if your current panel is tall enough to hide your head. If not, we recommend to install additional shield over your workstation panel. Please don’t forget to consider the seating height of taller employees as well. For example, Japanese research suggests that 140cm (about 55″) from the floor should be tall enough , however it may be safer to raise the shield by another 10″or so in the U.S.  Even with OSHA. Desk shields are recommended to be effective in preventing splash, but no index has been published for their height. 

Here, we would like to show some examples of how to install shields in practice.


【Short-Term Plan】*Temporary plan for few months to a year

Acrylic plate and one-touch installation brackets (panel-mounted) made this system quick and easy installation! This system does not require a professional installer. The acrylic plate is cut round the corners to prevent injuries. Custom sizes are available, so please feel free to contact us for more information. We will provide an estimate based on the number of seats and size of the shields needed.

Acrylic shield over existing panels

Acrylic shield over existing panels 


【Long-Term Plan】

In case you currently have bench desks with no dividers, adding panels to the existing bench desk is an option. Please check out our past blog to learn more about how to transition existing office to New Normal

Benching desk transition plan in New Normal Office

If the workstation already has panels, adding glass panels on top of the existing panels gives the permanent solution. With translucent glass extensions, it is still possible to maintain an open space feelings while assuring sufficient height in panels to prevent micro droplets being dispersed from coughing or talking.  The glass panels are available with or without frame. (*This option offered by us is only available to Haworth workstations.  For others, please inquire us.) 


Glass Topper with Frame

Glass topper with frame over existing panels


Glass Topper Frameless

Glass topper frameless over existing panels 

It is an increasingly important as corporate responsibility to provide a place where employees can work in safety, and good health with peace of mind. We are sure that each organization is willing to take all possible measures to help their employees return to workplace safely.

Whether Short-term or Permanent solution you may consider, please feel free to contact us for a quote. This is just a side note that any investments related to COVID-19 measures are fully deductible.

For a quote or inquiry, please contact us

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