vol. 3 How Can We Prepare for Returning Workplaces?

What needs to be one before reopening the office after lockdown



Since COVID-19 is prevalent in all over the world,
our work styles and mindsets had been changed dramatically.

Not a few companies realized that working from home doesn’t make any differences from working in the office,
or rather, working home is better for saving their running cost.

Here is the phases COVID-19 causes.

We’re at the center of “With COVID-19” at this moment,
and hopefully we’re going to plunge into the “After COVID-19” phase after couple months. 
On “After COVID-19” phase, people working from home are gradually returning to their workplaces
and we will have a new problem that how we could take distance physically in our workplaces. 
As you can see this figure, it is possible to take social distance when each of us are working from home.
figureThe main issue when people returning to workplaces is that multiple people basically share office facilities and equipments everyday,
then we have to think about “How we can avoid getting germs from those things”.

Therefore, what can we do for your workplaces?



Workplace strategy #1: Keep Social Distances

There are several ways to take distance in workplaces, 

  • Make Aisles wider between workstations ( ideally 6′ )
  • Add screen shield dividers between desks
  • Limit workspaces for open offices (Details as below)
An efficient way to keep distance for open offices
If you have open offices, limit workspaces as above is an efficient way to take distance from others.
Although open-office concept has been popular these years, it is also better to assign seating for your employees to work safely.

Work style strategy #2: Keep Workplaces Clean/ Touchless

Most of workplaces have own regular cleaning services.
However, deep cleaning is appropriate for this special situation to make the place safe and clean.
At the same time, touchless door opening system, automated hand sanitizers are
quite useful for this situation since multiple people use the workplace everyday.

Notes: Improve work from home work environment are also needed

Sitting is new smoking. Keeping wrong postures causes neck and back pain.

Using Ergonomic chairs makes a big difference, and you can realize that even you sit on a better chairs for a week.
We’re going to explain more details on the following newsletter soon.


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Are Your Companies Ready for Return to Workplaces?

Especially people in charge of company facilities, office managers and CEOs are
struggling with the solutions to have employees back to their workplaces safely.
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It is a good start to think about what you need to your employees coming back to workplaces.

We appreciate your support and please let us know if you have any concerns or questions for these topics,
and you’re welcomed to request any topics to us.
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