vol. 12 Now Eligible to Shop Haworth Products Online (Discount Available)

Haworth Online Now Available

We have a great news for our customers today!

Now our most recommended product line “Haworth” has launched their online store!

They have great selections of their ergonomic chairs, height adjustable desks, lighting and monitor arms.
And it’s up to 40% off from the original price when you use our dealer discount.

haworth online store

【How to use Dealer discount?】

First, you have to create an account with our dealer code.

Click on the image or link as below, and make sure our dealer code “1J969” is in there.

 Then fill out your information.

Link: Dealer Referral 

haworth fryer

That’s it!
Now you’re eligible to shop around with the discount rate on their website.


Here are the most popular products.


Fern chair $803.00 (with the discount) Original price: $1,100



Upside Sit-to-Stand Table $576.00 (with the discount) Original price: $600



LIM lighting $253.65 (with the discount) Original price: $350


This COVID-19 outbreak will continuously affect us,
therefore we should be prepare for working from home to the end of this year or permanently.

Some of our clients told us their company is willing to improve their employees
to purchase office grade furniture to their place to keep the productivity.

We hope this opportunity help your working environment and your productivity!

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