Office Design

A New Type of Office Planning that Marries Form and Function

Office design service by Daizu Inc.

As we move from an era that values quantity to one that values quality, it’s becoming more and more necessary to secure quality talent. This is why it’s important to create an office that people will want to work at. It could be said that acquiring and keeping superb talent, supporting the activities of staff members, keeping motivation high, and raising productivity are the most important business issues a company will face.

We have a distribution contract with Haworth, one of the three largest contract furniture manufacturers in the US. Contract furniture differs from normal furniture that can be purchased online or in stores in that contract furniture can only be purchased through furniture dealers that are authorized distributors. It is also high-quality, made-to-order furniture aimed at businesses. This allows us to offer flexible solutions to meet a variety of needs, such as options for office and workspace sizes where it would be difficult to use ready-made furniture.

We also offer a design service alongside furniture sales, allowing us to specialize in the creation of offices that aren’t just functional, but that are also comfortable and that reflect your company’s image.

Daizu design team knows all that there is to know about office furniture, and if you leave it to us, we’ll create a highly-functional, attractive office space representative of your company’s brand image!

Have you experienced any of these issues

  • You want new office furniture, as your current office furniture is old and difficult to use, but you’re not sure where to purchase from
  • You want to create a bright, open office that doesn’t use closed-off cubicles
  • You want to change to a layout that allows social distancing
  • You want to install desk shields as a part of COVID-19 countermeasures
  • You want the office to serve as a social space for employees, with office usage down as telework increases
  • You want something like a phonebooth that can shut out noise from the office, as the number of web-meetings has increased
  • You want us to plan a new office space for you, as you’re going to move your office
  • You want to find out about suitable office space usage and cut excess costs in moving to your new office
  • You want a comfortable office chair, but you’re not sure which to pick
  • You want warehouse space planning and industrial racks arrangement
  • You want to update office furniture but it’s difficult to purchase it all at once due to cash flow

From offices of a few employees to a few hundred, we promise the best value to our clients, regardless of the size of the project! Supporting your business through consistent project management is something unique to Daizu.

We’re a design company that offers total support in the creation of offices, so please feel free to consult with us regarding office furniture and office space creation.