Hotel Furniture

Custom Furniture Creates a Space Overflowing with Originality

We offer project-based custom-made furniture and space design for restaurants and hotels. Our global custom furniture production network, with subcontracted factories in Los Angeles that allow for quick production and group factories in China that allow for low-cost production, makes it possible for us to work within the budgets and schedules of our clients.

Regardless of where it’s made, the furniture will pass through the strict quality control of Daizu’s designers before being delivered to the client.

Our strengths don’t just lie in furniture sales, we can also help clients solidify their brand through space creation. Things like the kind of image you’d like to put forth, like the special atmosphere that hotel and restaurant spaces need. Our well-experienced design team will work with clients to help them create a space that meets with what they need.

Please feel free to contact us for custom furniture requests or design consultations.

Our Projects
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment.
  • Seat height adjusts in specified range in standard and low-position models.
  • Seat height adjustment is important in setting the proper hand position and allowing for proper sitting eye height as well.
  • Ensures the comfort of the lower limbs by avoiding pressure on the underside of the thigh caused by a seat pan that is too high, or decreased thigh-to-torso angle if the seat pan is too low.
  • Accommodates for users between approximately 4′11″(1499mm) and 6′3″(1905mm) tall to provide good leg circulation.