vol. 15 What Makes Office Furniture so Expensive? Who is Haworth?


In this article, we’re going to talk about Haworth, a furniture manufacturer that we mainly use for offices, and the question people always have “why office furniture is so expensive?”

◆What is our main product line Haworth?

Many of you say “I’ve heard of Herman Miller, but maybe I’ve never heard of Haworth?”

As you can see from this list, Haworth is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the U.S., along with Herman Miller and Steelcase.

Although Haworth is the newest of the four, it ranks third in terms of revenue, behind Steelcase and Herman Miller.

In recent years, the company has been collaborating with many European furniture designers to produce colorful and detailed furniture that is slightly different from the other three companies.

This type of furniture is difficult for the general public to purchase directly, and can only be sold by companies that have entered into a dealer contract.
They are a manufacturer of so-called contract furniture, which is of commercial quality.

Due to the influence of COVID-19, many companies have started to sell their products online for the general public, especially office desks.
It is common to buy through a furniture dealer or design company, as it is custom made by putting together each part, choosing the color of the top and the fabric of the chair from among dozens of options.

◆Why is office furniture so expensive?

I wonder if a chair from a certain Swedish furniture store costs $100 and a chair from Haworth costs $700, even though they look the same? I think that many people think that this is a good thing.

It depends on the materials used, the research and development that goes into it, and the weight of Liability.

For example, there was a shelf in our client’s office the other day that cost less than $100, but when we took it apart, it was made of strong woven paper to support it.
This makes it inexpensive, easy to assemble at home, and light enough to transport.

However, in the office, accidental accidents can also occur due to something minor that could easily move or fall.
The company is, of course, responsible for that.

And the quality of the furniture in your home that you use for a few hours a day cannot be the same as the quality of the furniture in a commercial building that is handled by an unspecified number of people every day.

Commercial quality furniture is therefore strong and sturdy, so heavy that it is impossible for one person to lift it, just like a chair, for example.

However, we live in an age where people are increasingly aware of the importance of using good stuff for a long time, rather than buying cheap.
It’s not uncommon for people to buy commercial quality furniture for their homes.

Especially a work chair that takes 8 hours of work a day (a third of a 24 hour day!) The mattress plays an important role in your sleep.

Sleeping on a flat mattress makes a big difference in the fatigue that remains the next day, compared to sleeping on a thick, luxury mattress.
The same is true for chairs.

You spend a third of your day in an office chair, so why not consider it an investment in a quality chair for your home or office?

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