vol. 1 How to clean Workplaces, Return to Work(Place) items, and Cares Act Depreciation term update!

How to clean furniture in English
To ensure the safety of the workplace, properly disinfecting the office furniture is essential.
Here is a general rule of how to safely clean your office furniture.
*Please contact us if you are not sure what type of material your office furniture is made of. We can help you identify it to prevent any further accident which may void the manufacturer’s warranty.
How to clean furniture in English
Need some updates on work(place) to comply with the health guidance for COVID-19?
Under the new law, businesses can expense more immediately.  Please check the details on how this new law can benefit to businesses making office investments.
We offer various products that are designed for the health and well-being of employees.
They can easily transition the existing workplace to New Normal!  Please consult with us on useful products to transform your office!
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