vol. 22 New Product Line -Innovative Portable Desk, DESKVIEW-

We are pleased to introduce a new product that we carry!

The Desk View, a removable, portable mini-desk.
They got popular after they presented on the TV show “Shark Tank” and got an offer from Kevin Oleary.

It can be attached to glass, acrylic, whiteboards, or any other smooth surface with a powerful suction cup, and you can even remove it yourself.


You can use it not only at home, but also you can easily attach it to the surface and use your laptop to have a snack at the airport or hotel on a business trip.


The desk itself weighs about 9lb, measures 23.6″ x 14″, and can withstand a weight of about 40lb.



Available in two sizes, wood and clear glass.


Although many are sold online and elsewhere, we are able to purchase them at dealer prices! Therefore, we can offer them at a lower price than most people can afford.

Why not take this opportunity to purchase a portable desk for a bit of work space or a nice view to work from?

Contact us anytime for more specs and pricing!

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