OSHA’s guidance on Workplaces for COVID-19


After a long Stay-at-Home order, it’s finally time to go back to workplaces. We left our offices in March not knowing what would happen in the following month(s), and our concern now is how the workplaces would look like in New Normal brought on by COVID-19. As office design professional, we believe it’s our mission […]

Aromatherapy as antimicrobial and disinfection in workplaces


This is the second part of our aroma special! Last time we talked about the overview of aromatherapy and this time we would like to talk in detail about the functions of essential oils. Aromatherapy is said to have originated in Europe, but people have been successfully incorporating the benefits and efficacy of plants into […]

Here are How Installing Screen Shields in Your Office Look Like!


Time flies and we are already in August 2020. It’s getting to be a hotter time of year for everyone to go out with a mask on. We featured as following before, “vol.6 – Desk shields as added protection for employees!” In this article, we would like to introduce some of our customers who are […]

Aromatherapy to help change your moods throughout day at your Home Office


Many of us have lost commuting due to remote working, or have came to commute less frequently since this March.  Thus we no longer have the rhythm of getting up in the morning, getting ready to go to work, instead we can start working from where we wake up in the morning or to chill […]

What Makes Office Furniture so Expensive? Who is Haworth?


In this article, we’re going to talk about Haworth, a furniture manufacturer that we mainly use for offices, and the question people always have “why office furniture is so expensive?” ◆What is our main product line Haworth? Many of you say “I’ve heard of Herman Miller, but maybe I’ve never heard of Haworth?” As you […]


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